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Sometimes you need specialist expertise to fill a gap in a project’s resources or you need help planning and operating your teams for online projects. We specialise in working closely with companies and their existing development and marketing teams to bolster and refine their online offerings. In the last 10 years, we have worked with multiple brands such as RAC, Royal London, Aqua, Bip, and University of Bristol on various projects where they have needed additional help and expertise on their large projects.

Red Spark Digital Logo Our Consultancy Services

Below are our current consultancy services as a guide. All our web consultancy services are custom. Exact services offered and pricing depends on each requirement. Book a call with us to discuss more.

Web Accessibility

We help make your websites inclusive and compliant.

We can perform accessibility website reviews, and work with teams to action any improvements, educate, and provide on going support to maintain and further improve accessibility over time. Being accessible also brings a lot of indirect business benefits too!

Web Development

We bring specialist skills on your bigger web projects.

We can help with frontend development projects, this could range from ensuring the use of Semantic HTML, advanced CSS techniques, JavaScript frameworks (such as React), and working with wider teams such as design and testing.

Web Performance

We help speed up your websites and help improve conversions.

Slow websites affect SEO, user experience, and ultimately your conversions. We perform website reviews to discover issues and work with your teams to educate and help action any improvements. Ongoing support available.

Skills include:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NextJS, Angular, Umbraco, WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Communities, A/B Testing (Optimizely, VWO), 11ty, Nunjucks, Razor/.NET, Web Accessibility, Web Performance, SEO

Some brands we’ve helped

Uni of Bristol
Royal London
Bath and unwind

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Responsive Web Project


RAC needed a new website to showcase their various breakdown services. The previous website didn’t work well in smaller devices so the new website would need to be responsive and easily viewable in a range of devices. We were asked to come in and help the in-house team on this agile project, primarily focusing on the user interface and the responsive design using advanced CSS.


When dealing with multiple devices and screen sizes, generally designs are watered down to allow for them to work in mobile AND desktop. At RAC, the design team wanted a home page carousel with a lot of information and links to other areas of the site.

There needed to be a way to show all this information across mobile, tablet and desktop whilst keeping the code clean and maintainable resisting duplicated code. This was a particular challenge on the project but we managed to deliver this without compromise to the design.

Screenshot of the rac carousel with various panels and accordion sections for mobile
Screenshot of the rac carousel with various info panels

What RAC Said

“Terry has never backed away from a challenge during his time at the RAC, often taking the lead on complex project components/bugs, supporting less experienced members without being asked to do and self managing his workflow. Its quite rare to find such a well rounded developer.”

“Offering a wealth of development experience, strong communication skills, a calm composure and a friendly personality, Terry has been an absolute pleasure to have in the team.”

“With a calm demeanour and extensive knowledge he always gives prized input, and continuously strives to go beyond and help other team members whenever possible. Whether working on time sensitive projects or lower priority tasks he maintains a great level of attention to detail, ensuring the development is done to the highest possible standard.”

– Taken from LinkedIn Recommendations – For more, see Terry’s LinkedIn profile

Red Spark Digital Logo Lead Consultant

Terry is our lead consultant and has worked with a range of companies over the last 10 years. Many our of clients have left us a review/recommendation on LinkedIn.

Terry has been in the industry for over 17 years and worked with a range of companies in many sectors. Check out Terry’s LinkedIn profile to see more about our client projects and read more recommendations.

Terry O’Brien – LinkedIn Profile

We can help you and your business improve your online offering. Book a call with Terry to discuss how we can help. See our FAQs for more info.